Cause of Belly Fat and What to do lose fat around belly?


Belly Fat one of the common problem with Men and Women. Do you know the people who say: “I used to eat everything I wanted and did not get tummy fat. Now I have to take into account what I eat! “Or” I have the same weight for years, but I’m getting thicker around my waist! “. Or another: “I’ve been eating the same for years, but now I suddenly come!”.

What people usually do not realize, or have no knowledge, is that with increasing age the metabolism in the body becomes slower. From the age of about thirty years, the overall fat content of the body increases while the muscle mass decreases. It is a natural process that takes place in both men and women.

The cause of tummy fat

Why does the belly fat accumulate around the waist? The metabolism of the body decreases with age, so the body burns fewer calories. But if the amount of food (calories) consumed remains the same, the surplus that will not be consumed before burning will be stored as stomach fat. The hormonal change in our body through age also causes the fat to be stored around the belly region.

Another reason is that we usually move less with increasing age. This will not apply to everyone, but generally, our work and social life are becoming an increasingly important place in our lives, leaving less time for sports.

Difference between men and belly fat in women

In men, there is a decrease of the hormone testosterone after their 40th, and in women, the decrease in hormone estrogen plays a role belly fat in women.

Testosterone and estrogen play an important role in metabolism. When taking the hormone testosterone or estrogen, the fat percentage increases and the muscle mass decreases. This hormonal process causes the fat that develops to accumulate around the belly region. So fat rolls may occur around the waist and be losing those extra fat rolls will take a lot of trouble because the metabolism has slowed down.

Consequences of belly fat

Does increasing tummy fat affect us? Yes, that’s possible. The abdominal fat releases free fatty acids to the liver and this can lead to health problems such as elevated cholesterol and/or blood pressure, which can lead to cardiovascular disease, along with hormonal processes.

What to do with belly fat?

One of the most important things to lose or fight fat from the stomach is movement. Move more, move differently. Another solution is to do strength training. Muscle mass increases, causing you to burn more calories, with the result that weight gain stops or decreases.

In addition, it is also important not to get too many calories and to take healthy food. This also applies to people who are skinny or have a healthy weight, but too much abdominal fat.

For a healthy diet, calorie amount calculation, fat and motion measurement, a weight consultant can provide a tailor-made advice.

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